How to Use the Timer on a Panasonic 720p Plasma HDTV

By Ann Smith

Dozing off in front of the television can be very relaxing, but why waste the electricity when you can set it to turn off automatically? Here is how to use the timer on a Panasonic 720p Plasma HDTV.

Using the Timer on a Panasonic Plasma HDTV

Press the "Menu" button on the remote control. This will display the main menu and give a drop down list of options to choose from.

Scroll down to the "Timer" option and then press "OK." This will open up your timer selections. You can choose from "Sleep," which shuts it off at a preselected time, or "Timer," which sets a time to turn it on and off automatically. Up to five timers can be set.

Use the up and down arrow buttons to set the on and off times for the television. Once you have the time preferred selected, press the right arrow button to set. If you are setting more than one timer, press "OK" to set another one.

Press "OK" once all timer options have been set. This will bring up the main menu where you can exit. Once a timer expires, another timer can be set allowing five total at any one time.