How to Use a Thumb Drive on a Dell Computer

By Brendan O'Brien

Use a thumb drive in your Dell computer.
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A thumb drive is a small device that acts as an extension of your Dell computer. The drive becomes a location where you can store files and folders when you have it installed in your computer. The true power in a thumb drive is realized when you remove it from your computer and are able to transfer it, along with the content saved on it, to another computer.

Step 1

Turn on your computer. Read the instructions that came with the thumb drive. Some thumb drives require you to go to a website and install a driver.

Step 2

Find the USB slot in your Dell computer. If you have a Dell desktop, your USB slots will be either in the back of the tower or in front of the tower near the power button. On a laptop, you will find the USB slots on the side or in the back of the device. The USB slot is a half-inch long slot.

Step 3

Slide the metal end of the thumb drive into the computer. If your computer has sound, you may hear some sort of alert that signals new hardware. Your system tray in the bottom right corner of your desktop may indicate a new hardware or thumb drive icon.

Step 4

Click your "Start" button in bottom-left corner of your desktop. Scroll up and click "Computer" or "My Computer." You will see a "Removable Disk" icon. This is your thumb drive.