How to Use Telnet in XP

by Randall Shatto

Telnet is a protocol that allows a user to log on to other computers. You use an IP address or domain name to log on. Bulletin boards are still available to play games, download files or read information. In addition, you can play games with your friends over this type of network. Telnet is not as common as it once was. Nevertheless, it is a simple method of connecting to different friends or online communities.


Go to the "Start" menu on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. Click "Run" and type in Telnet. Press the "OK" button or "Enter" on your keyboard.


Type the letter "o" in the prompt. When the window appears, you will see a line reading "Microsoft Telnet>". This is the prompt; "o" will open a connection prompt.


Input the IP address or domain name of your destination. Insert the IP after the trigger "<to>". Press "Enter". A connection of the destination will appear on the window.


On the right-hand side of the Telnet window, locate the the back scroll bar. If you miss any conversation or information, use this to review it.


  • check There are limitations for the stock telnet in Windows XP. Visit to obtain a telnet program that offers more choices, such as downloading, a larger back scroll or color text. These include Telnet Server, Absolute Telnet and Win Tel.

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