How to Use a Telezapper

By John DeMerceau

The Telezapper blocks telemarketing calls and removes your number from telemarketer databases.
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The Telezapper is a telephone accessory that detects and blocks telemarketing calls that are made with a computerized auto-dialer. As soon as the user picks up the phone, the device notifies the auto-dialer that the line is disconnected. The signal the Telezapper sends to the dialer to block the call also reassigns the number to a list of disconnected numbers. All you need to do to use your Telezapper is connect it between your phone cord and your phone jack.

Plug one end of the short telephone cable that is included with the Telezapper into the bottom jack of the device.

Remove your telephone cable from its jack and plug it into the top jack of the Telezapper.

Insert the remaining free plug of the cord that you connected to the bottom jack of the Telezapper into the phone jack. Plug the electrical adapter plug of the original Model TZ800 into a wall jack; other models do not require electrical power.

Rerecord your answering machine message to allow for a delay of a few seconds if you have connected your Telezapper to your answering machine.

Use the telephone as you normally would; if you answer your phone and the connection is disconnected immediately it is probably a call that has been intercepted by the Telezapper.