How to Use the Green Screen Technique With Virtual Dub Software

By Greyson Ferguson

VirtualDub works on most Windows computer systems.
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VirtualDub is a streamlined video editing program. This free program does not have many of the bells and whistles found on programs you purchase, but it is designed to improve the work flow and pace of a standard editor. The program includes a basic green screen option, although it is not as powerful as many other software titles. Consequently, if any of the green is a slightly different color, you are going to have green color remnants throughout your shot.

Download and install VirtualDub (see Resources).

Open the program, then select "File," "Import" and choose both the green screen video and the video you want to replace the green with.

Double-click the green screen video, then choose the "Effects" option and select "Green Screen."

Click-and-drag the replacement video down to the "Replacement" window. This window is next to the current display window and is blank until you select a desired replacement. The replacement video is located (after import) in the video file bin on the side of the program window.

Click on the green in the display window and the green is removed and replaced by the replacement information. Once set, click "File," "Export," then choose a location to save the file, title it and click "OK" to create the exported green screen video file.