How to Use a Whistler 945 Super Wideband 2.6 Radar Detector

By Contributing Writer

Updated December 11, 2019

The Whistler Group makes a variety of laser and radar detectors. When installed in passenger cars, and trucks under 10,000 pounds, laser detectors are legal in every state and radar detectors are illegal in only Virginia and Washington, DC. The Whistler 945 Super Wideband device will detect X, K, and Ka radar bands and will detect the new Safety Warning System. It is important to install the detector properly and to learn how the detector operates in order to maximize the utility of these instruments.

How to Install and Use a Whistler 945 Radar Detector

For dashboard mounting, clean the area where the detector is to be mounted with alcohol.

Separate the hook and loop fastener tapes. Peel the backing off of each piece of tape. Fasten the sticky side of one piece of tape to the dashboard, the other to the bottom of the detector.

Press the tape on the detector to the tape on the dashboard. (Mount the detector so it has a clear, through-the windshield view of the road ahead.)

If mounting the detector on a visor, place the bracket into the bracket mounting slot of the detector and slide the bracket clip over the rear edge of the visor.

Familiarize yourself with the audio and visual alerts of the detector: X Band -- Amber LED Illuminates, Specific audio tone K Band -- Red LED Illuminates, Specific audio tone Ka Band --Amber and Red LED's Illuminate, Specific audio tone Laser Alert --Red LED's Illuminate, Specific audio tone


Use the HIGHWAY MODE setting for open road driving

Avoid mounting your detector behind objects that obstruct the radar signals such as windshield wipers, dashboard ornaments, etc

When attaching the tape to the bottom of the detector, make sure the tape does not cover up the serial number.


Conceal your detector when not in use to prevent theft.