How to Use SRT Subtitle Files

By Seth Amery

Use SRT Subtitle Files
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If you frequently enjoy watching foreign television shows or movies on your computer, you may find yourself faced with the issue of needing subtitles, or SRT files. At first, figuring out how to place this small text file alongside your video can seem confusing, but each file is already configured to do this. Your only concern is making sure the SRT file syncs up with the correct video, and doing this takes only a few short minutes.

Verify that the SRT file and your video file are in the same folder.

Verify that both the SRT file and your video file have the exact same name, all special characters included. For example, if your video file is "[File] Name," your SRT file must also be named "[File] Name." Right-click one of the files and click "Rename" if one isn't the same as the other.

Double-click your video file to open it in your media player. Use a media player that supports SRT files. For example, Nero and Universal Subtitle Viewerboth allow you to view SRT files alongside a video file.