How to Use SPI MP3 Players

By Isaac Carlson

Learn how to use your SPI MP3 Player today.
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SPI MP3 players are dynamic audio devices that feature MP3/video playback, photo viewing and voice recording. Using one of these portable devices is fairly simple.

To Charge

Plug the small end of your USB cord into the player.

Plug the large end of your USB cord into an available USB port on your computer. Your computer should be powered on.

Wait until the screen on your MP3 player indicates that it is fully charged. This should take about two hours.

To Set Up & Use Voice Recording

From the main menu, scroll until you see the "Setup" icon. Press the "M" button to enter into the setup field. Press the "M" button again on the "Record Time" option to enter into the record time setup. It is necessary to set up the date/time because all voice recordings are labeled using this information.

Enter current date/time information using front and back arrows on your MP3 player. Press the center button when you are done.

Go back to the main menu by pressing and holding the "M" button and scroll to the "Record" icon. Press the "M" button and you will now be in the record field. Press the "Play" (center) button to begin recording. Press "Play" again to stop the recording. Press and hold the "Play" button and the player will save your recording.

Press and hold the "M" button to return to the main menu. Press the forward arrow button once until you see the "Voice" icon. Press "M" and you will be in the voice recording playback field. Use the arrow buttons to find the voice recording you would like to listen to and press the center "Play" button for playback. Press the "Play" button again to pause, and press and hold the "M" button to return to the main menu.

To Add Files With Windows Media Player

Connect your SPI MP3 player to your computer using the USB cord. After a few moments, a prompt with the title "Portable Media Device" should appear with several options. Select the option that says "Sync digital media files using Windows Media Player" and click "OK." Windows Media Player will now open.

Click on the "Sync" tab near the top right of the Windows Media Player window. On the left side will be information regarding media files in your Windows Media Player library. On the right hand side underneath "Sync," you will see information regarding your MP3 player (specifically, the capacity of the player and free space that's available). Below that you will see the words "drag files here." This is where you will drag library items to sync with your player.

Click on "Library" on the left hand side of the Windows Media Player, and then select the video or an artist whose music you want on your SPI MP3 player. Drag the video or the name of the artist from the left side of Windows Media Player to the right side over the words "drag files here." To drag only specific songs from an artist, and not their entire catalog, double-click on the artist's name on the left side to bring up a list of their songs. Then drag the song titles to the right side over the words "drag files here." Repeat this step until you have all the media you want on your MP3 player.

Click the "Start Sync" icon on the bottom right to sync files between Windows Media Player and your SPI MP3 player. When the sync is complete, disconnect your device from the computer.

To Add Files Using The Drag & Drop Method

Connect your SPI MP3 Player to your computer using your USB cord. Once the connection is recognized by your computer, select "Open device to view files using Windows Explorer" when prompted.

Double-click on "Action MTP Device." Your computer may name your SPI MP3 player something different such as "Removable Drive F" or "Removable Media." Look for a drive name you have not seen before and this will likely be your newly connected SPI MP3 player.

Minimize the explorer window for your SPI MP3 player. Open a new explorer window by double-clicking the "My Computer" icon on your desktop and navigate to the file(s) on your computer you want to put on your MP3 player.

Maximize the "Action MTP Device" folder (the folder representing your SPI MP3 player) and place it side by side with the new explorer window you just opened. Drag the music, video or photo files from the new explorer window to the "Action MTP Device" folder window.

Safely eject your device once the files have finished copying.

To Play MP3's, Video & View Photos

From the SPI MP3 player's main menu, scroll until you see the icon titled "MP3." For video, this icon will be titled "AMV." For photos, this icon will be titled "Photos."

Press the "M" button on the appropriate icon to go into the playback field. Use the forward and backward buttons to navigate through your MP3, video or photo files.

Press the center "Play" button to initiate playback and, for MP3's and video, press "Play" again to pause.

Press and hold the "M" button to return to the main menu.