How to Get & Use SPC for Sprint

By Joetta Charnell

Many cell phone companies have agreements with the manufacturers of popular devices, such as BlackBerry, Nokia, Apple or Motorola, to offer a specific device only on their network. For instance, Sprint carries the BlackBerry Style and HTC Evo. However, flashing a device can often be done to use a phone on a different network. To accomplish this with a Sprint device, you will first need to get the phone's SPC code.

Retrieve SPC

Step 1

Download GetSPC to your computer. Unzip the folder by opening it in Windows Explorer, then right-click and select the "Unzip" option. Save the folder to a common place, such as "Downloads" or your desktop, so it is easy to find later.

Step 2

Connect your Sprint phone to your computer with the phone's USB cord. Transfer the unzipped folder -- making sure there are three files in it -- to your phone's memory card. Save the folder to an easy-to-access place so it can be used later. Disconnect the phone from the computer.

Step 3

Look under your phone's battery, or on the box in which the phone came, for the ESN/DEC. Write this 16-digit code down for later.

Look in the GetSPC folder that you saved to the memory card for an executable file, and open it. Insert the ESN you retrieved from your phone into the "Input" field, then press "OK." The software will now provide you with the phone's SPC. Write this code down for later.


Step 1

Search the Internet for a .prl file that you will later use to flash your phone. Use the name of the network to which you are switching in the search terms, such as "Cricket Wireless PRL file." Download the file to your desktop, or another prominent location, and unzip this file if necessary.

Step 2

Download QPST Configuration to your computer, and then unzip the folder and open the executable file. Open the program after it finishes installation.

Step 3

Reconnect your phone to the computer. Select the "Ports" tab in QPST Configuration and search for your Sprint device under the list of ports. Click "Start Clients" at the top of the window and select "Service Programming." Press "OK" on the pop-up prompt.

Step 4

Find the "Select Base Model" menu and search through it to select your specific Sprint device from the list of phones. Look for this information on the Internet if it is not readily recognizable. Click the "Read from Phone" button in the lower-left corner and enter the SPC you retrieved earlier into the pop-up box. Delete the given SPC and change it to "000000" under "Service Programming" and "One-Time Subsidy Lock."

Return to the "Roam" tab and click "Browse." Look for the .prl file you have downloaded for the network to which you are switching and press "Write to Phone." Click "No" in the warning prompt, then wait for the program to finish writing. The SPC has now been used to flash your phone.