How to Use a Sony Digital Camera

by Contributor

Digital cameras are the easiest way to take and share photographs. You can use a Sony digital camera for nearly any kind of photography. Here's how to use it.

Always keep your batteries charged. The new Cyber-shot S90 is able to take 420 pictures on two fully charged rechargeable batteries.

Know what mode you are shooting in. There is the automatic scene selection, which adjusts the shutter and exposure for you. Some Sony digital cameras have up to 7 modes available that you can pick from according to the setting's needs. Color options include black and white, color and sepia tones.

Make sure your picture is in focus. Press the shutter down half way and wait for the light to come on the digital camera. This indicates that the auto focus has been activated. Then you can snap the picture.

Adjust your subject in the frame and zoom in on it. Most cameras allow you to use an auto flash when necessary. Press the shutter down half way and wait for the light indicating that the flash is working. Press the shutter down all the way, and the auto flash will activate if the lighting is insufficient.

Go to the red-eye reduction setting in your menu. This is usually located under the Camera or Camera 1 option, depending on which camera you are using. Use the arrows to select the "On" function. Press the menu button again to leave this function.

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