How to Use a Net10 SIM Card in Another Phone

by Si Kingston
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Subscriber identity module, or SIM, cards are standard in GSM mobile phones. Net10 SIM cards store preference information such as the actual cell phone number, rate plan, PIN, address book and text messages. If you want to reuse your SIM card for another phone, you can install it in another phone. Once the card is in place in the new phone, you will have access to your old settings and preferences on the new phone.

Step 1

Power off the Net10 phone.

Step 2

Remove the battery cover from the back of the phone. Pull the battery out. Notice the SIM card located underneath or in a slot near the battery bay.

Step 3

Remove the SIM card from the slot or battery bay.

Step 4

Turn off the new phone and slide off the battery cover on the new phone. Remove the battery and any current SIM card being used. Notice the way the SIM card is inserted into the slot or placed in the bay. You will want to place your old Net10 SIM card this same direction.

Step 5

Place the older SIM card into the SIM card bay or slot in the battery bay of the new phone. Make sure the gold contacts on the SIM card are facing downwards.

Power on the phone. You should be able to access the old SIM card information. If not, verify that the SIM card is inserted properly into the slot or bay.


  • If you are installing a NET10 SIM card into a phone with a different carrier, you will have to unlock the new phone's network restrictions. Contact the carrier for further instructions on how to unlock the old SIM card in the new phone.


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