How to Use SharePod to Load iPod Songs on iTunes

by Contributor

With Sharepod you don't have to bother with iTunes anymore, and you can feel self assured not having to worry about losing your music files. Sharepod freely copies song files from and to your iPod, and automatically works from the iPod itself. Downloading this software is free!

Open iTunes to change the settings of your iPod. Click iTunes, the "Settings," scroll down to "Options" and then remove the check "Open iTunes when this iPod is attached." Taking this precaution is necessary so iTunes and Sharepod are not out of sync with each other.

Load Sharepod, which comes in a zip file, so you have to click the "Sharepod.exe" twice. You need to download the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 if you don't have it, so your computer recognizes the Sharepod file. If you have it, then Sharepod automatically launches.

Select "Copy to iPod" button if you want to add music files to your iPod. To include an entire folder of music Click "Add Folder." Press the down scroll button to search to the file you want downloaded, then select "OK."

Click "OK" to initiate the copying of files to iPod. All the files you copied are now on a list in the main Sharepod browser.

Choose "Copy to PC" button if you want to send music files from your iPod directly to your PC. Then select the destination where you want your files to go. Then click "OK." Select "Eject iPod" to safely remove the iPod from the PC when you're done.

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