How to Use an SD Slot on eMachine

by Daniel Hatter

Many eMachine computers come with multimedia card readers, which make it possible for memory cards and memory sticks to be inserted directly into the computer so the data can be accessed. SD cards are a type of memory card, and a slot will almost always be included in a memory card reader. If you haven't used the SD card slot on your eMachine before, it is a good idea to educate yourself on how to use it first.

Slide the "Lock" switch on your SD card to the side without the "Lock" label (if necessary).

Insert the card label-side up into the SD card slot on your computer. An auto-play dialog box pops up on your screen.

Select the desired option from the auto-play dialog box (for example, "Open Folder to View Files") and carry out the desired operations on the card's data.

Click the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the System Tray and select your SD card. You are prompted onscreen when it is safe to remove the SD card from the slot.

Pull the SD card straight out of the slot. It can now be put back in your camera or other device that uses it.

About the Author

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