How to Use a Micro SD Card in a Cell Phone

By Cassandra Tribe

Your phone must have a slot for a Micro SD.
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Micro SD memory cards are used primarily in cell phones. They are smaller than the Mini SDs commonly used in cameras, and much smaller than the SD cards used with computers. A Micro SD card can add up to 32 gigabytes of memory to your cell phone. That means more pictures, more video and more music and other programs at your fingertips. Its easy to use a Micro SD card in a cell phone since most phones that use them have automated the formatting process.

Step 1

Access the Micro SD card slot on your phone. It will be on the exterior of the phone (with a rubber or plastic cover with "Micro SD" printed on it) or under the battery. Remove the battery and you will see a small metal clip with an icon that looks like the shape of your card printed in the center.

Step 2

Insert your Micro SD card into your phone. Make sure the gold strips are facing down into the phone. If your Micro SD slot is under your battery, the strips will be towards the face of your phone. If you are inserting the card into a slot on the phone, the gold strips should be facing down towards the back.

Step 3

Turn your phone on (if it was off or if you had to remove the battery to insert the card). Wait for the phone to recognize the new Micro SD card. Some phones will automatically prompt you to format the card; others will not.

Step 4

Press "Menu" and then "Options" and select "Memory." The menu for your phone may differ slightly in the order of choices offered. Consult your manual to locate what sub menu "Memory" is located under if you cannot find it. If you do not have a manual, use the link in the resources below to download a copy of your phone's manual.

Step 5

Select "Card Memory" (or the equivalent) and "Format." You will then be prompted automatically with questions about naming the card, assigning it a password and whether or not to make it the default "Save" location for your phone.