How to Use an SD Card Adapter With a PC

By Andie Francese

SD card adapters make it easy for you to upload photos, files, music and videos that you currently have stored on Micro or Mini SD cards. The SD card adapters allow PC users to upload the information from multiple cards without having to fuss around with wires for each separate device.

How to Move Files to a PC with an SD Card Adapter

Take the memory card you would like to get files from and place it into the adapter. The cards will simply slide right into the adapter. If you are using a micro card you may need a SD card adapter. It looks just like a traditional SD card but has an opening to slide an even smaller card into it. The smallest SD cards are commonly used in cell phones.

Once you have the card in the adapter simply connect the adapter to your computer using a 2.0 USB port. Your PC will inform you, with a prompt, that new hardware has been detected. You will not need to download new drivers, you will simply see a prompt that gives you options as to what you can do with the card.

Scroll down the list of options in the prompt until you see the "view files" option. Double click on the option and a folder will open that contains your files.

Highlight the files you would like to move to your desktop, then drag and drop them onto the desktop. You can also right click on the highlighted files (Clicking on one highlighted file will work for all of the highlighted files). You will see a list of options. Scroll to the "send to" option and a list of possible locations will pop-up. Click on "My Documents" and the files will be sent to your documents folder.

You can now remove the files from the SD card to free up space. Simply right-click on the files you would like to delete and click the "delete" option. The files will disappear from the device.

How to Add files to an SD card Using an SD Card Adapter

Connect your SD card just as you would if you were uploading files. Slide the card into the adapter then connect it to the PC via the USB port.

A prompt will pop-up that gives you options as to what you would like to do with your SD card. Once again click the "view files" prompt and a folder will open that contains your SD cards files.

Open the folder where the files you would like to add are located. Drag the files to the SD card folder. You will see a prompt pop-up that tells you the files are being transferred. The process can take between 10 seconds and 10 minutes, depending on the size or number of files you are transferring.

Once the files have been transferred to the card, go to the bottom right-hand corner of your windows desktop. At the bottom you will see a small gray and green icon. Click the icon and a folder will pop up that shows you the attached devices. Click on the SD card adapter and hit "stop" on the bottom of the folder.

You will be prompted when it is safe to remove the device. Remove the device and place the card back into the device you wanted the files on. The files will be on the card.