How to Use the Scan Feature on a Copy Machine

By Aaron Parson

Your computer must have the copier's driver installed before scanning.
i Baton72/iStock/Getty Images

Some multifunction copiers double as computer scanners. With these machines, you can scan documents and images into your computer just as you could with a dedicated scanner. Setting up your document on the copy machine works the same as when making a copy, but you generally need to run the scan from your computer.

Placing Your Document

On a flatbed copier, place the document you want scanned flush with the top left corner of the glass surface and close the lid. When scanning large objects such as books, gently shut the lid without forcing it. Some copiers have a sheet feeder in addition to or in place of a glass surface. On these machines, load your document into the feed tray.

Running a Scan

Some machines have controls directly on the machine to start a scan. If your machine has a scan button, press it to send the document scan to your computer. Otherwise, start the scan from a program on your computer. Some copiers come with scanning software for automatically saving your document as a file or sending it as an email attachment. If your machine did not come with such a program, or if you'd rather edit the image after scanning it, load a graphics editing program of your choice. Most scanning programs have a method to import from the scanner in the File menu, sometimes labeled as "TWAIN." (Note that Adobe Photoshop requires a plugin to scan images.) Choosing this option will display a preview window where you can run a test scan, change settings and ultimately scan the image into the program.