How to Use Existing Satellite Dish for Internet Connection

By Marshal M. Rosenthal

A satellite dish provides a parabolic reflector that can be used to gather in wireless transmissions. Add a homemade 2.4 GHz antenna to an existing satellite dish to provide wireless reception. Along with some tools found in most households, you'll need a few supplies from a hardware store and a grocery store. Done properly, the satellite dish's ability to provide satellite access will be unaffected by the addition of the wireless receiver.

Step 1

Stand the empty coffee can on the table with the open end facing up. Measure up 4 inches from the bottom. Drill a hole in the side of the can at the 4-inch mark.

Step 2

Place a sheet of newspaper on the table. Stand the N adapter plate with the open end facing up. Heat up the soldering iron for 4 minutes. Solder an end of the copper wire into the center of the N adapter. Let the solder cool for a minute.

Step 3

Place the free end of the copper wire through the hole in the can. Solder the sides of the N adapter to the can. Let the solder cool for 2 minutes. Unplug the soldering iron.

Step 4

Place the can on the underside of the lateral arm connected to the front of the satellite dish --- the open end of the can must face toward the dish. Tape the can to the lateral arm with strips of masking tape.

Step 5

Insert the "N" plug on the Pigtail N adapter into the back of the N adapter plate that is attached to the can.

Step 6

Plug the N extender into the other cable attached to the Pigtail N adapter. Plug the other end of the N extender into a Wi-Fi card that is in the Wi-Fi slot of a laptop.