How to Use a Samsung Micro SD Adapter (4 Steps)

By C. Taylor

Samsung Micro SD adapters allow your Micro SD card to work in standard SD slots.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When you purchase a Samsung Micro Secure Digital, or SD, card, it is packaged with a Samsung Micro SD adapter. This adapter converts the Micro SD card into a standard-sized SD card for use in a wider range of card readers. Unlike many Micro SD adapters, the Samsung adapter positions the Micro SD slot on the side of the adapter to prevent the card from accidentally slipping out of the adapter.

Step 1

Insert the Samsung Micro SD card into the side of the Samsung Micro SD adapter. The labels on both the adapter and the card should be facing up, with the smaller end of the card going in first. Push the card all the way in until the back of the card is flush with the side of the adapter.

Step 2

Slide the lock, located opposite the Micro SD card slot, to the "Unlocked" position to enable read and write access on the card. Slide the lock to the "Locked" position to only allow read access. Doing so prevents files from being accidentally erased or changed on the card.

Step 3

Insert the Samsung Micro SD card adapter into any card reader that supports SD cards. This could be a computer's integrated card reader or an external USB card reader.

Step 4

Press "Win-E" to open Windows Explorer. Double-click the Micro SD card from the "Devices With Removable Storage" section to access the card.