How to Use the Remote for a Closed Caption Decoder on a TV

by Michael Butler

If your TV has a closed caption decoder, you turn it on and off with the "Caption" or "CC" button on the TV's remote. However, the HDMI cables used for high-definition satellite and cable receivers don't carry closed captioning information. If you try to use the button on your TV remote, it won't turn captioning on. You need to go through the menu system on your satellite or cable receiver to enable closed-captioning.


Press the "Menu" button on your cable or satellite receiver remote, not your TV remote.


Navigate through the menu to find the closed captioning options. The options may be in one of several places. Look for "Options," "Preferences," "Settings," or "Accessibility." You may also find it in the "Audio" or "Sound" menu.


Press "OK" or "Enter" on the closed captioning option that you want. The receiver will send the information to your TV to display on your screen.


  • check If you cannot find the closed captioning menu, call your satellite or cable provider to make sure that you have a receiver that can decode closed captioning.

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