How to Use ReadyBoost With XP

By Sabrina Ashley

With a flash drive, you can use ReadyBoost with computers.
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ReadyBoost is a feature in Windows Vista, but by changing settings in Windows XP, a user can create a similar feature that has similar functionality. With a USB port and a USB flash drive, you can use ReadyBoost to add more system memory to a computer. More RAM (random access memory) means a faster computer. While the ReadyBoost website states that the program only works with Vista, many online articles offer a method for creating a makeshift ReadyBoost with Windows XP. Since ReadyBoost does not support XP, creating the feature can cause problems with your computer, so it is a risk with XP.

Plug in the flash drive to the USP port on the computer.

Click "Start" on the desktop and then right-click "My Computer."

Wait for the drop-down menu to appear, then scroll down and click "Properties." The "System Properties" window opens.

Click the "Advanced" tab.

Click the "Settings" button under the "Performance" heading. The "Performance Options" window opens.

Click the "Change" button in the virtual memory section.

Click the flash drive in the drive section and then click the custom size section. Increase the maximum size for the virtual memory as much as you need.

Click "OK" to close the window. Then click the "OK" button for the next two windows that open. You have now set the virtual memory size for the flash drive.