How to Use a Rapid Deployment Client Barcode

by Dave Maddox
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Symbol brand scanners (now supported by Motorola) that communicate with a main database can be configured by scanning an RD (Rapid Deployment) setup bar code using the Rapid Deployment Client (RDC). When the scanner decodes the bar code, it then communicates over a Wi-Fi network with the management system and database to complete the device setup. Different codes can be printed by admins and used for setup, either a single two-dimensional (matrix) code or several one-dimensional (zebra stripe) codes.

Step 1

Tap "Start" on the scanner's touchscreen.

Step 2

Select the "Programs" menu.

Step 3

Tap "Rapid Deployment Client" to start the RDC application.

Step 4

Scan one two-dimensional bar code or several one-dimensional bar codes in any order.

Ensure that the scanner connects to the server after all bar codes are scanned, displaying "Configuring network settings. Please wait ..."


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