How to Use a Proxy Server to Hide an IP

by Quinten Plummer

IP (Internet Protocol) address masking allows you to avoid having your IP address tracked by parties both inside and outside of your network. When you use a proxy server as a go-between, other people's ability to track your IP address ends at the proxy. From there, the proxy server shows only a blank or dummy IP address. With the help of some free utilities, you can surf anonymously under the cover of a proxy server.


Hide your IP address online using Proxify's server (see Resources). The web-based utility allows you to mask your IP address by directing you to the sites you wish to visit. Simply type a Web address into the utility and click on the "Proxify" button to navigate covertly to the specified address. Proxify also allows you to select web page elements to add or remove, such as "Remove Ads" and "Minimize Caching" options.


Download a copy of Free ProxyWay (see Resources) to connect to a proxy server and mask your IP address. Free ProxyWay features a built-in search engine for finding proxy servers and facilitates the connection between your computer and the selected proxy server. Free ProxyWay also supports custom proxy lists and works in conjunction with your browser to determine the degree of anonymity the selected proxy is providing for your IP address.


Download a copy of Free Hide IP to surf the web anonymously under a proxy server (see Resources). Simply launch the program and click on the "Hide IP" button to generate a dummy IP address--you can switch dummy IP addresses using the "Change IP" button that appears. When you're ready to return to normal surfing, just click on the "Stop Hiding IP" option to revert back to your real IP address.

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