How to Use a Promo Code on Tracfone

by Ann Mapleridge

Tracfone promo codes are codes that give you additional minutes of talk time on your Tracfone. The promo codes are typically sent to you from Tracfone in the form of an email, if you subscribe to their newsletter, or a promo code might have been included with your phone when you purchased it. Tracfone promo codes can only be redeemed one at a time, and have to be used when you're adding minutes onto your phone. The entire process should only take a few minutes.


Log-on to the Tracfone website to "Add Airtime" using your Tracfone phone number, or go into the menu of your phone to "Option" to add minutes to your plan.


Type in the 15-digit code on your minutes card to add minutes to your phone.


Enter the five-digit promo code you have in the box labeled "Promo Code" located below where you typed your minutes code.


Press "Enter" to send your information to Tracfone, and have the minutes added to your phone.


If the promo code does not work, check to make sure you have entered both the promo code and the code to add minutes correctly. If you type either of these numbers incorrectly, the promo code will not work.


  • check Adding minutes on the Tracfone website is easier, and will give you more opportunities to re-enter the promo code, should you enter it incorrectly, than you get on your handset.

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