How to Use a Projector With a Laptop

By Daniel Hatter

i projector ready for presentation image by Dmitry Goygel-Sokol from

Like a standalone monitor, a projector can be used in conjunction with a laptop to duplicate the laptop display. This can be quite useful, especially when giving presentations (e.g. PowerPoint) or showing something to more people than can be all gathered around the relatively small laptop screen. If you have all the parts that came along with your projector (cords and the main unit), connecting it to your laptop and getting it ready for use won't take long.

Turn off your laptop and projector, and connect the included VGA cable to the "Video in" port on your projector and the "Video out" port on your laptop. If your projector supports audio, connect the included audio cable to its "Audio in" port and to your laptop's "Audio out" port.

Connect your projector to power (if you haven't already), and then turn it and your laptop on. Now that it is fully connected, place it in the proper location facing the area where you want to project the image. Consult your projector's documentation if you need help with this.

Sync your laptop and projector. Consult your documentation for the proper key combination. In most projectors, the combination will be either "Fn + F4," "Fn + F5," "Fn + F7," or "Fn + F8."

Move your screen to the perfect location and adjust the projector's focus as necessary. Your projector is now ready for use.