How to use eBay Pulse to Research Popular Items to Sell

by Contributor

EBay Pulse is a daily snapshot of current trends and hot picks on eBay. One of its best features is that you can narrow down your search by category so you can find out what the most popular searches are for areas like antiques, baby and pet supplies on the site. Anyone with an eBay user ID can access this site. If people are searching for these items the most, then it makes sense, as a vendor, to sell these items on eBay.


Go to Once there, your focus should be on the "Popular Searches" section on the left hand side. You can then use the drop down menu to pick a category to browse; for example, "Pet Supplies."


You can see the 10 most popular searches for pet supplies. If you want more detailed information, simply select the drop down arrow again and you can drill down for even more detail. In this example, click the drop down arrow and pick "Dog Supplies." Up pops the 10 most popular searches for dog supplies. The information you receive is now much more specific.


You can drill down further to see specific dog supplies. For example, say your want to know the most popularly searched dog collars and tags. Simply select that from the drop down menu and you will be presented with the 10 most popular searched terms for that item. This is helpful because you now see that people are after a specific product in a specific area. So, if you are faced with a decision for stocking up on inventory and you can pick up a specific product, you will know which ones to purchase, which provides a possible leg up your competition.


Depending on the category you selection, you will have different levels available to drill down to. Some are more populated than others. You can also see that to the right of the search results are the largest stores on eBay. This is helpful in a way because you can scope out your competition and see what they are selling and at what price points.


  • check Do your research before you buy to avoid costly mistakes when you are buying inventory to resell.