How to Use a Portable Battery Charger

by Liz Turner

The great thing about laptops is their portability. The bad thing about laptops is when that portability is limited by battery life. The average laptop battery will get anywhere from one to six hours of usage time, depending on the battery itself as well as how you're using the computer (a bright screen, for example, will get you less battery life than a dim one). A good solution for this problem is to keep a second battery charged, and with a portable battery charger you can do that even when you're on the road. Most portable battery chargers weigh less than two pounds, making them an accessory worth traveling with.

Plug the battery charger into any outlet compatible with the type of charger you've purchased. Portable battery chargers come in a variety of types that are compatible with U.S. or European requirements, or adapters can be purchased.

Place your battery in the charger, and make sure it's seated firmly.

Check the indicator light to determine when the battery has fully charged.

Keep one battery in the portable charger at all times to ensure an endless supply of power.


  • check Many airports now offer charging stations in their waiting areas. You can plug in the portable charger and have a fully charged spare battery before your plane takes off. Depending on the brand, batteries can fully charge in as little as two hours. Some models of portable chargers have a conditioning feature. This fully drains the battery before charging, maintaining top performance.

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