How to Use a Phone Number to See Who it Belongs to

By Riz Khan

Find out who has been making those phone calls you missed.
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Finding a listed home phone number is generally a simple task that can be accomplished for free. Many websites offer reverse phone services that help you find information about the owner of a listed home phone number at zero cost. However, problems arise when you try to look up a home phone number that isn't listed or is a cellphone number. As this information isn't publicly available, you will have to pay a certain fee to find out about the owner of this type of phone number.

Besides reverse phone services, other methods of finding the owner of a phone number also exist. You can search for a person's phone number on social networking forums, public records resources, and other places on the Internet. People sometimes post information on Facebook or when placing an ad to sell their car on Edmunds. Running a thorough Internet check to get information about a phone number can be useful.

Choose a website, such as Addresses, Reversephonedirectory, or People 411 (see links in Resources), equipped to find the owner of a phone number. Enter the phone number into the given field and press "Enter" to get the results. If the number you are looking for is a publicly available listed number, you will get the information about the owner for free. However, if you are searching an unlisted home number or a cellphone number, the website will ask you to make a payment before you receive the results. Payments vary from website to website, but generally range from $5 to $10 per search.

Search the phone number's owner using Pipl, the people search engine (see link in Resources). Select the "Phone" link from the top options and enter the phone number into the respective field. Click "Search" to find out information about this number. Pipl will look for the phone number to see if it was posted by the owner on any online forum or other website. It will also search the phone number in public records available online.

Search for the phone number's owner on social networking websites. Websites, such as Yoname (see link in Resources), allow you to search a person's phone number across popular social networks, such as Facebook, Blogger, Digg, Friendster, Myspace, You Tube, and others. If the phone number is listed on any of these websites, you will be able to contact the owner of the number after signing up on the particular website.