How to Use Two Phone Lines With Magic Jack

By MayankJ

Magic Jack is a voice over IP system, or VOIP, that is connected to a computer via a USB port. It provides phone service while eliminating high costs. The service allows you to call from a local United States number without getting roaming charges from any Internet connection. When you want to set up a two line system with one line connected to the Magic Jack and the other to another phone service such as a landline, it is possible to use two phone lines.

Plug the Magic Jack into your computer USB port. The USB port will vary in location, usually on the side of a laptop or on the front of a desktop computer.

Plug the phone wire into a landline connection in the house. Put the other side of the phone wire into the two line phone. The landline connection should have the "Line 1" connection on the phone, leaving the "Line 2" connection for the Magic Jack.

Connect the second phone wire to the Magic Jack by plugging it into the system. Put the second side of the wire into the phone's "Line 2" connection. The same phone is now connected to both your landline service and your Magic Jack. Use the Magic Jack by pressing "Line 2" on the phone and use the landline service by pressing "Line 1" on the phone.