How to Use Peachtree Software

by Ian Moore

Starting and maintaining a business can be a lot of work, especially keeping track of the finances. One way to make keeping track of your business accounts much easier is by using Peachtree software, which allows the user to organize invoices, accounts and customer records. Its easy-to-use interface and dummy-proof programming make it the perfect program for any business owner.

Choose one of the six selections on the Peachtree start menu. Click "Create a New Company" or "Take a Guided Tour of Peachtree" if this is the first time you're using the program.

Walk through the Peachtree accounting new company setup. Choose which company you want your Peachtree company to be compatible with, such as premium accounting, complete accounting, construction accounting, accounting for distribution, manufacturing and nonprofits.

Enter in your new company information and click "Next." Choose what kind of accounting system you want to use and click "Next." Select the charts of accounts for your company and click "Next." Click "About Your Industry" and "View Chart of Accounts" for more information about your account.

Choose which accounting method you want. Select either "Accrual" or "Cash," and click "Next." Accrual is recommended because most companies use this method. Choose which posting method you want to use to process transactions, such as "Real Time" or "Batch." It is recommended to use Real Time because transactions are posted into the general ledger as they are entered and saved.

Choose either a 12-month accounting period or one that does not match any calendar months, and click "Next." Select when you want the first fiscal year to start, the first month you will be entering data and the first year you will be entering pay roll. Click "Next."

Browse over the default vendor information, inventory costing information and customer information. Click "Next." These defaults can be changed at any time.

Click "Finish." Your company has now been created. On the main tool bar, click "Maintain" to change your permanent data records. Click "Tasks" to do day-to-day work such as creating invoices, receiving customer services, and entering your vendor purchases and payments. Click "Analysis" to know how your business is doing, and click "Reports" to view accounting modules.

Save any changes you make by clicking on the "Save" icon on the new window that appears after clicking on an option in the toolbar. Go to "File" and click "Open Company" to open your started company, or "New Company" to start a new one.

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