How to Use a PCVA-IR8U With a Compaq

by Nade Xro
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The PCVA-IR8U is a USB infrared receiver. It allows you to connect external devices to your computer wirelessly via infrared, which works best with short-range connections. Compaq laptops run on a Windows operating system. When installing a USB device on a Windows computer, a CD is not needed, as Windows will locate and load the necessary drivers for you.

Step 1

Plug the receiver into a free USB port on your laptop.

Step 2

Wait for Windows to load any missing drivers. Once the process is complete, a notification will appear above the system tray.

Step 3

Switch on the USB receiver to allow connections.

Enable the infrared on an external device and align it with the USB receiver to establish a connection. When connected, a sign will appear in the system tray.


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