How to Use a PC to Answer the Telephone

By Neal Litherland

You can use your computer to answer the telephone.
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As technology becomes more and more advanced, there are fewer and fewer things that we can't do with computers. For instance, you can use your computer to answer your phone if you want. All you need is to connect your computer to your telephone and to have the proper software. These instructions are geared toward those who are using a computer with a landline telephone, not those who want to answer their cell phone.

Step 1

Connect your telephone cable to your computer. It's important that your computer can actually monitor your phone line if you intend to answer your phone calls with the PC.

Step 2

Download a program that allows you to make and receive calls from your computer. Programs like PC-Telephone can be used with a landline. Programs like Skype are also popular, but Skype cannot answer landline calls, and when it places calls it does so via an Internet connection.

Step 3

Install the program. Once fully installed, you can turn on the program and set it to monitor your telephone line to answer calls. As long as you have a microphone and a sound card you can use your computer to both send and receive calls through your PC.