How to Use PBS

by Michele Martinez

PBS is an online place for kids to interact. A safe place where you know your kids are both learning and having fun. This site has all the games and activities of most kid sites but with an added plus--all the lovable characters that children have come to know from watching PBS on TV. Come along with Arthur, Barney, Clifford and the rest of the gang to play games, create and have fun. With the following steps you will be guided through this well designed site and shown some of the best features they offer.


Log on to As with most kids' sites, you will notice that this site is painted with bright colors and eye-catching graphics to captivate the children from the get go.


Choose a TV character from the wheel on the homepage by clicking on one. Each one of these character links brings your child to a link that allows him to create, play games or become interact with the link’s interactive homepage. Click on the “PBSKids” logo in the upper left-hand corner to bring you back to the homepage.


Click on the picture of Hooper the squirrel. This is located to the left of the wheel on the home page. With Hooper, you can sing along with him the "ABC" song, play a matching game, write a story with Dot’s help, or find out what “art time” is all about. Click on the “PBSKids” logo to bring you back to the homepage.


Click on the “PBS Kids Go” logo located to the left of the wheel on the home page. Here you will finds games that kids will love to play. You can also see shows from this link and answer thought-provoking questions. Click on homepage logo to bring you back.


Click on the blue music tab on the homepage. From this page your child can “Sing along with Caillou” or use Cyber Chase to create your own music. There’s so much more fun to do through this musical link.


Click on the yellow tab labeled "Coloring." On this page kids can print out sheets to color. They can choose from Curious George, Clifford, Maya & Miguel or Dragon Tales. Which ever they choose they will love having access to their own printable coloring pages.


Click on the red tab labeled "Games." Your child can play games such as "Look what I can do," "Where in the world," "Virtual Goose” and "Dream on." With all the fun that kids have at their fingertips on PBS, they may stay interactive all day.


  • check Allow kids to discover this website on their own. This will give them practice navigating through sites.

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