How to Use a Panasonic RR-US360 Digital Recorder

by Contributor

Compact digital audio recorders are now the norm for meetings, dictation, interviews and other occasions when you want to record quick notes. These slim, pocket-sized recorders store many hours of files which can be transferred to your computer using a USB cable and computer programs. Many companies manufacture these recorders, including Panasonic, which makes the RR-US360 recorder.

Record a New File

Make sure the recorder has two fresh triple A batteries. Slide the switch down from the "hold" position. The LCD screen will light up, showing time and file number.

Press the red "rec/stop" button on the side of the unit. Adjust "rec mode" (grey button on side) to SP (standard play), FQ (fine quality) or HQ (high quality).

Set the unit in a comfortable place for the remainder of the recording session. When done, press the "rec/stop" button.

Attach a USB cable to the bottom of the Panasonic RR-US360. Plug the other end of cable into the computer.

Install Panasonic Voice Edit software on your computer. Insert the program CD into your CD player and follow instructions.

Use the Voice Editing Software

Rename the file you just recorded. Save it in a new folder if desired. The program will show you the title and file length in the bar above the editing buttons.

Use the playback, fast forward and rewind buttons to isolate different portions of the recording for editing or transcription. Check the time stamp for information if you need to get back to that point again.

Save a file to your hard drive. Use the drop down menu to transfer the file from "IC Recorder" to "Drive C" for the RR-US360. The recording will now appear on the lower portion of the screen as a wave file.

Transcribe the interview or save to a CD as you normally would with any other program. The file will remain on your Panasonic RR-US360 until you erase it.

Erase a recorded file from the RR-US360. Press and hold down "erase" until you see the garbage can on the LCD screen. When the instruction says "erase" press the erase button again.