How to Use Microsoft Word to Make a Book With the Pages Set Up for Half a Page

By Filonia LeChat

Getting a book on the bestseller list is a long-shot goal, but making your own book using Microsoft Word takes just a matter of minutes. Microsoft Word includes already set up templates, including one in half-page book format, to have you creating the pages within a few clicks. Use Word to create a novel, cookbook, family history or non-fiction story, all while avoiding any outsized printer paper or extra printing costs.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word. Click the "File" tab. Click "New."

Step 2

Click the "Brochures and booklets" button on the "Available Templates" screen. Double-click the "Catalogs" file folder.

Step 3

Double-click one of the catalog templates on the screen. Templates are fully customizable to your book requirements. After a few moments, a new Word window opens with the book template.

Step 4

Scroll through the preset pages of the book to review the template and what's included. Keep in mind each page represents half the actual Word page size due to how the pages will appear when printed and folded.

Step 5

Highlight and type over the placeholder text in the book. As you type, text will flow naturally from page to page. Delete included pictures by clicking them once and pressing the "Delete" key.

Step 6

Insert extra pages to the book by clicking the "Insert" tab. Click the "Blank Page" button as many times as new pages are required, or let Word automatically insert pages as text flows onto them.

Step 7

Click the "File" tab and select "Save As." Type a name for the book and click the "Save" button.