How to Use Outlook for Mileage Tracking

By Tricia Goss

Find out how many miles a task has added to your car's odometer.
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You may need to keep track of the miles you drive relating to a job in order to receive mileage reimbursement. Or, perhaps you want figure out how many miles your teen is putting on your car. No matter the reason, you can use Microsoft Outlook to record your mileage by entering each trip as a task. When you are ready to determine the total number of miles, you can do so by changing the view.

Step 1

Start Outlook and press "Ctrl-Shift-K," or select "Tasks" and click "New Task" to open the New Task window. Select the "Task" tab and click "Details" in the Show group. Enter the date you accrued miles in the Date Completed box and the mileage you want to record in the Mileage box. Type in any other details you want to include and click "Save and Close."

Step 2

Select the "View" tab and click "Change View." Choose "Manage Views" to open the Manage All Views window. Choose "Completed" in the View Name list and click the "Copy" button. Enter a name for the view and click "OK."

Step 3

Click the "Columns" button and select "All Tasks Fields" in the Select Available Columns (Fields) From drop-down list. Click "Mileage" in the Available Columns list and click the "Add" button. Add any other fields you want to include, as well.

Step 4

Click "OK" to close the Show Columns window. Click "OK" again to close Advanced View Settings. Click "Close" on the Manage Views window.

Step 5

Use the new view you created to track all of your mileage. Select the "View" tab and click "Change View." Click on the name of your custom view to see a list of tasks including mileage.