How to Use an Outdoor Antenna for More Than One TV

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An outdoor antenna is a great way to get television reception without having to pay for expensive cable or satellite service. It's totally free, and that means that you can connect as many televisions to your outdoor antenna as you want. With some inexpensive equipment you can have great television reception in every room of your house.

The Steps

Step 1

Install the outdoor antenna. You can bring the cable from your antenna in through any exterior wall of the house, but bringing it into the attic of your home will make it easier to share the picture with multiple TVs.

Step 2

Add a signal splitter to give yourself more antenna outputs. If you brought the cable in through a room other than the attic or basement, you may want to run the cable further to one of those locations before splitting the signal.

Step 3

Run cables to each television. If your house isn't already wired for television, you'll need to drop cables into your walls and hook them up to wall plates for easy access. Attach them to the signal splitter securely with an adjustable wrench.

Check reception on each television. If any of your TVs doesn't get good reception, double check to make sure that the cable isn't damaged, and that it is attached securely at both ends. If not, see the tips for more information on boosting signals.


  • If you intend to run your antenna signal to a large number of TVs, or if some of the cable runs are very long, consider buying an active splitter, which contains a signal booster. If you get a fuzzy picture in some rooms, but not others, an active splitter is probably the solution to your problem.


  • Installing an antenna and running cable in your home can be dangerous if you don't protect yourself. Always take appropriate precautions or hire a professional to do the job for you.

Items you will need

  • Antenna splitter
  • RG6 TV cables
  • Adjustable wrench

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