How to Use the Nook E-Reader

by Nicole Vulcan

When you have an e-reader in hand, you can quite literally carry around an entire library's worth of information. The Nook e-reader, produced by Barnes & Noble, provides you with access to the many e-books available for sale in the Barnes & Noble online store. When you initially power up your Nook, ensure that you are in a location that has wireless Internet access, so that you can register your device and shop for book titles. You should also have an online account set up with Barnes & Noble, which you can do from the Barnes & Noble website. (See link in Resources.)


Plug the supplied USB cable into the Nook's USB port, located on the bottom of the device. Then plug the other end of the cord into a computer or a power outlet -- using the power adapter jack -- to charge the Nook. Wait until the charging light turns off.


Press the Power button, located at the top of the device, to turn on the Nook. When the Nook powers on for the first time, you may be directed to the Registration page. If you are not, press the Home button below the top screen, and then tap the "Settings" icon, and then tap "Device," and then tap "Register your Nook."


Enter the email address and password associated with your Barnes & Noble account on the registration page, using the touch screen keyboard that appears on screen. Touch "Submit."


Press the "Home" button to take you to the Home screen.


Tap the "Shop" icon from the Home screen.


Browse the books and other media available in the Barnes & Noble online store. When you see something you want, tap "Buy For" and then follow the prompts to load the title to your Nook. If the book costs money, the credit card you provided for your Barnes & Noble account will be charged for the purchase.


Press the "Home" button to return to the Home screen. Tap "My Library" from the Home screen, and then tap "My B&N Library." Wait for the e-book to be transferred to your Nook.


Tap on a book title to highlight it, and then tap the "Select" button from the lower touchscreen to open the book.


Press the right arrow button on either the left or right side of the Nook screen to advance the pages of the e-book. Press the left arrow button on either the left or right of the Nook screen to go back.


  • check The light is yellow when charging. The Nook should be fully charged after about three and a half hours; you'll know it's fully charged when the indicator light at the bottom of the device turns off.
  • check The Nook works best when you use your fingertips to operate the touchscreen controls, as opposed to using a stylus or pen.
  • check Keep in mind that if you just selected a title from the online bookstore, it may take several minutes for it to appear on your Nook.

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