How to Use a Nikon N80

By Greyson Ferguson

The Nikon N80 uses film rolls to capture images.
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The Nikon N80 is a film-based SLR camera that comes with a removable lens. It functions like many other SLR cameras, so if you are familiar with this make of cameras you are going to have no trouble adapting to the Nikon N80. However, even if this is the first camera you have ever picked up, you only need to know a few basic features of the Nikon N80 before capturing your own images.

Step 1

Open the rear film chamber by pushing up on the release button (located on the left side of the camera, when holding the camera as if you are going to take a picture).

Step 2

Insert the film roll into the left, circular chamber. Pull the film out to the other end of the chamber and close the chamber lid. This rolls the unexposed film into the camera. The camera is now ready for use.

Step 3

Flip the switch on the camera to "Autofocus" (this is located right next to the lens). This allows the camera to automatically focus onto objects before you press the "Capture" button. If you prefer to adjust your own focus, set the camera onto "Manual."

Step 4

Turn the zoom ring in the middle of the lens. This increases or decreases the content in the viewfinder.

Step 5

Adjust the mode dial on the top of the camera. These settings are used to change the shutter speed of the camera. Set it to "Sport" for taking pictures of fast-moving items, move to "Candle Light" for taking pictures at night or by fire, and select "Landscape" to take pictures outside in the sunlight and of nonmoving objects.

Step 6

Push the "Capture" button to take the picture. The film automatically progresses to the next available film cell. Once the film roll is used up, the film revolves back into the inserted film canister and is ready for developing.