How to Use Neon NDS Emulator

By Sara Bailey

The Nintendo DS is fun for kids of all ages.
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When the Nintendo DS was released, the world of mobile video gaming was turned upside down. The DS was the first portable console to offer two screens, with one of them being a touchscreen. Like many other video game systems, the DS was quickly reverse engineered, and a Nintendo DS emulator was produced in a relatively short time. NeonDS was one of the first DS emulators to be released that allows you to play DS games on your computer.

Download the Nintendo DS NeonDS emulator from the developer's website. Double-click the downloaded "NeonDS.exe" file to run NeonDS.

Single-click the "File" button that is located on the top-line menu of the main NeonDS software window. Click the "Open" option from the context menu that appears.

Locate the Nintendo DS ROM file, with the "nds" extension at the end of the file, that you have on your computer. Single-click the nds ROM file and click "OK."

Wait as the Nintendo DS game file is read by the NeonDS emulator software. A thin window will appear that shows the video from the Nintendo DS game that you downloaded.

Use the keyboard to control the Nintendo DS game. Use the computer mouse to click onto the lower screen of NeonDS, which acts as the touchscreen.