How to Use Multiple Proxy Servers

By Jerry Garner

Internet Security
i phylevn, Creative Commons License

Proxy servers add an extra layer of protection to your online privacy because websites you visit will only be able to collect information about the proxy server rather than about your specific internet connection. Unfortunately, proxy servers sometimes become overloaded, leaving you searching for a new server. The most practical solution to this problem is to use multiple proxy servers, allowing your computer to automatically jump to the next server if the first is unavailable.

Using Multiple Proxy Servers

Access the internet and point your web browser to the website for Proxy Firewall (See Resources.). This product is widely regarded as one of the most powerful proxy applications available, and you can get a copy free of charge.

Download and install Proxy Firewall. Scroll down until you see the Proxy Firewall screen shot in the center of the page. Click the screen shot or the link under it that says "Download Proxy Firewall". When asked if you would like to "Run" or "Save" the program, select the "Run" option to install Proxy Firewall on your computer.

Add your proxy servers to the Proxy Firewall software. Open the software by double clicking the desktop icon or the icon in your system tray. Look at the bottom left corner of the program window for a button marked "Add Proxies." Click the button to add a proxy. Enter the proxy IP address and port number. Also select whether it is an HTTP proxy or a SOCKS proxy. Click OK when you have filled out the information about the proxy server that you are adding. Repeat this process to add more proxies.

Configure individual rules for each program on your computer. Each time you launch a new program, it will be detected by Proxy Firewall. The software will then ask if you want to allow the program to access the internet directly or if the program should use a proxy. You will only be asked this question the first time a program is opened after you install Proxy Firewall, although you can change your preferences at any time by clicking the "Rules" tab.