How to Use MS Excel to Report Progress

By Hunter Taylor

Use MS Excel to track progress toward a goal.
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Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software used for calculations ranging from simple arithmetic to complex statistical and engineering formulas. One of Excel's major features is the ability to create charts, graphs and other visual representations of data. A chart or graph makes it easier to draw conclusions about data and to track progress toward a goal. Teachers and business leaders use Excel to track progress toward students' grade goals or a company's sales goal.

Step 1

Enter the data into the spreadsheet. For example, if the purpose is to track progress toward a grade, type the name of the student along with the goal grade for each exam. Label the columns and rows with the student's name, grades and goal grades.

Step 2

Click the "Insert" tab, then click "Line" then the 2-D Line Graph. Right-click with the blank square box and go to "Select Data..." The data selected in this example would be the goal, student's name and the grades.

Step 3

Click beside the square in the Chart Data Range box. Highlight the data to be included in the chart. Click "OK." Add new data as grades and goals are updated.