How to Use an MP4 File As a Ringtone for an iPhone

By Ilana Boyum

Using your computer, you can quickly, easily create ringtones from audio files.
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The Apple iPhone is a smartphone that was introduced in 2007. Among its features, the iPhone allows you to easily set custom ringtones. In addition to being able to pick and choose ringtones, you also can create your own ringtones using iTunes and your computer. Once you have created the ringtone, you can sync it to your iPhone and begin using it for whatever callers you specify.

Converting Audio Files to Apple Format

Launch iTunes on your computer by either clicking on your desktop icon or through your "Programs" menu under the Windows "Start Menu" on a PC or in "Applications" in the Finder on a Mac. You also can launch iTunes by connecting your iPhone to your computer.

Find the song that you wish to convert to a ringtone and highlight it by clicking on it.

Go to "Advanced" and then "Create AAC Version" to create an M4A file, which is Apple's proprietary audio file format.

Convert M4A to Ringtone

Drag the newly converted M4A file to your desktop.

Right-click on the file if you are using a PC or control-click if you are using a Mac.

Select "Get Info" and scroll down to the file extension.

Change the extension to M4R, which is the file format for a ringtone.

Installing Ringtone on iPhone

Drag the newly created ringtone file from your desktop back into iTunes under Ringtones.

Connect your iPhone to your computer if it is not already connected.

Click "Sync" if your iPhone was already connected. If you just connected your phone, it will automatically begin to sync. Your ringtone will be available for use on your iPhone.