How to Use a Mouse to Toggle Between Monitors

By Alex Lubyansky

Use a Mouse to Toggle Between Monitors
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Having two monitors doubles the size of your computer workspace and offers an aesthetically pleasing display at the same time. You cannot simply connect two monitors and expect them to fully integrate. Rather, you must change a few simple settings to do so. Afterwards, you can simply move your mouse interchangeably between the two monitors. These directions deal with Microsoft Windows XP; yet, the directions are very similar for any operating system.

Right-click an empty area on your desktop. Click "Properties" from the menu that pops up.

Click "Settings" in the "Display Properties" menu that appears. Link your monitors within this function.

Select the "Display" list. You will see your second monitor listed here. Click your second monitor and select "Extend my Windows Desktop onto this monitor." Hit "OK." Now simply move your mouse cursor interchangeably between your two monitors. Use your mouse as you normally would; move it all the way to the left to go to the left monitor; then, if you wish to go to the right monitor, keep moving it to the right.