How to Use the Motorola MicroSD Adapter

by Emily McNair

The Motorola MicroSD Adapter allows cell phone users with memory cards to transfer images and video from their cell phone to their computer. It's as easy as removing the card from your phone, inserting it into the adapter, and inserting the adapter into your computer.


Ensure that all the images and/or video you want to transfer are saved to your memory chip. You can check this via your phone's memory settings, under the Tools menu.


Remove the chip from your phone. To remove, gently push the chip into the slot. This will trigger a release mechanism and the chip will pop out of the slot about halfway and then can be safely removed.


Hold the adapter firmly in one hand, and gently insert the chip into the adapter. Note that your memory chip has copper bars on the back. Insert the chip with these bars facing down. The chip should slide easily and lock firmly into the adapter.


Insert the adapter into your computer (if your computer has the right slot). Alternatively, you can take your adapter to any photo machine and print off the photos directly from the adapter.


  • check If you do not have a slot on your computer to insert the adapter, you can purchase a card reader for under $10 from your local store (as of 2009).
  • check The location for chip insertion and storage is different on each phone, however on most models, the slot for your memory chip is located under the case near the phone's battery.


  • close Be gentle with the chip. If you have to force it in or out of the adapter, something is wrong.
  • close Avoid extreme heat or cold with the chip and adapter as this may cause damage.

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