How to Use Microsoft Publisher Help

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Whether you are a beginner or an expert at using Microsoft Publisher, you may find that you need help from time to time. Within Microsoft Publisher is a help system that lets you search for assistance and get immediate results. Follow the steps below to find out how to use the Microsoft Publisher Help System.

Step 1

Start Microsoft Publisher. Open the publication with which you need help with or start a new publication.

Step 2

Find the "Type a Question for Help" text box in the upper right corner of the Publisher screen.

Step 3

Type a question in the "Type a Question for Help" text box using your keyboard. You can type a question, phrase or a single word that explains the topic you need to obtain help with for your Publisher publication.

Step 4

Press the "Enter" key on your keyboard to enter the data into the Publisher Help System. This opens the "Search Results" pane, which contains topics that will hopefully match the query you entered into the Publisher Help System.

Step 5

Browse through the results by scrolling down the task pane, looking for the topic that is most relevant to the help you are seeking. The most relevant results should be near the top of the "Search Results" pane. If you don't see the topic you are looking for, change the term you are searching in the "Type a Question for Help" text box and press "Enter" so you can review more relevant results.

Click on the topic that matches your question best. When you do this, the "Microsoft Office Publisher Help" browser will open up to the right of the screen. Within this browser you can read about the topic and follow the instructions associated with the topic at hand.


  • The back arrow, forward arrow and "Home" button located at the top of the "Search Results" task pane will help you to navigate within the Publisher Help System.

Items you will need

  • Microsoft Publisher 2003

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