How to Use Microsoft Project

by Jackson Lewis

Microsoft Project is an enterprise-level project management application that is used for managing all aspects of a project. MS Project comes bundled with resource management features that can be used to determine if a plan is achievable when measured against both a schedule and/or a budget. Project is also used as a management tool for managing finite resources across an enterprise in order to predict and mitigate potential shortfalls in resource allocation, as well as present project statuses in both pictorial and numerical format for presentation updates.

Open Microsoft Project and start a new project by selecting the "File" then "New Project" from the primary file menu.

Choose a project start date for project by clicking the "Start Date" field in the menu toolbar. If you fail to change the date, the current date on your computer's system clock will be used.

Open the task list by selecting the "Task List" icon from the Project main menu toolbar, and enter tasks on the left side of the Gantt Schedule form that appears.

Enter resources and estimated time or amount of use by each task entered in Step 3.

Enter Task Dependencies by right-clicking a task and clicking other tasks that must be completed prior to starting the task (if there are any).

Save the Microsoft Project file and view the resource usage by selecting "View" then "Resource Usage" from the application file menu.

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