How to Use Microsoft Photo Editor

by Matthew Fortuna

Microsoft Photo Editor is a program that comes standard on most Microsoft presentation's systems and is useful for editing photographs saved to your computer. Microsoft Photo Editor can be used to alter a picture in many different ways, including cropping, rotating, resizing, changing the resolution, changing the font or setting the picture as transparent or as a background. These edits can be used to alter and print the picture or to add it to another application or program.

Click "Open" in Photo Editor and navigate to your photo. Click the "Rotate" button in the tool bar until your picture is rotated to the desired direction.

Navigate to the photograph you want again to change the resolution of the image. Chose "Properties" from the "File" menu and change the field that lists the number of pixels in the image and click "OK."

Click "Open" and "Select" in the tool bar to crop an image. Click on the photograph and drag your cursor to draw a box on the portion of the image you want cropped. Select the "Crop" tool from the tool bar, select the shape and press "OK."

Select a photo and select "Image" to resize the photograph. Next, select "Resize" in the "Image" menu and enter width, height or percentage numbers to change the size of your photo. Click "OK" when you are done.

Click a photo to set it as transparent and click the tool in the tool bar that looks like a small arrow pointing diagonally. Next, click on the color you would like to make transparent and click "OK." That color will now become transparent in your photo.

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