How to Use Microsoft Office Communicator

by Tricia Goss

Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 allows users to communicate and collaborate in a manner of ways. Communicator incorporates desktop sharing, instant messaging, video and voice communication. The program is integrated with Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel and others, allowing users to work on virtually any project in tandem, no matter their locations. Office Communicator makes it simple to find the people with whom you need to connect using your choice of communication options so you can work anywhere.

Find contacts and add them. Start Microsoft Communicator. Type the email address or the display name of the contact to be added. Communicator will search for the contact in the "Active Directory." Find the name in the "Search Results" list. Click on it and drag it to the "Contact List."

Send and receive instant messages. To IM a single contact, double click the name in the contact list. Type the message and press "Enter." To send a message to an entire group, press and hold the "Ctrl" button while clicking on each contact's name. Right click the group and select "Send an Instant Message."

Set up the "Audio and Video Wizard," so that voice and video contact can be made. Start Communicator and click the "Menu" button in the title bar. Point to "Tools," and then select "Set Up Audio and Video." The wizard will automatically detect the computer's audio and video devices.

Use the voice feature of communicator. Click the "Call" button on the right side of the contact's name. Communicator will call the contact using the default phone number listed for that contact. Make a conference call by pressing and holding the "Ctrl" key and clicking on the name of each contact to be called. Right click the selection and select "Start a Conference Call." A conversation window will open, showing the status of each contact.

Make a video call. Right click a contact in the list and then select "Start a Video Call." Redirect an incoming video call to an instant message by clicking the "Redirect" arrow. Select "Send an Instant Message." Type in the message and press "Enter."


  • check To use Communicator's video and audio features, you must have the proper devices, such as a microphone and webcam, installed on the computer.

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