How to Use Microsoft Money

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The digital marketplace is filled with different programs to help consumers manage bank accounts, pay bills and plan investments. One of these programs is Microsoft Money. While software programs can be tricky to use, Money's graphical interface and user-friendly features make it possible for computer novices to manage their finances from their home computers.

Select which version of Microsoft Money will meet your needs. The program is available in four different versions: Money Essentials, Money Plus, Money Plus Premium and Money Plus Home and Business. Each version offers different and more advanced features to help you manage your finances more effectively.

Link all your bank accounts together through Microsoft Money. You'll no longer have to visit multiple websites to check your account balances and the status of checks and charges.

Balance your checkbook through Microsoft Money. Instead of using a calculator and a pen, configure Money to do all the math for you. Keep close watch on your checking account to make sure all checks clear promptly and without issue.

Generate a dependable monthly budget. Total your expenses and compare them to your various sources of income.

Use financial-projection features to plan your investments. Track fluctuations in your investments and move money around as necessary.

Use Money to manage your small-business needs. Money can help you create financial estimates, issue invoices and manage all your payroll activity.

Prepare and pay your taxes through Microsoft Money. Invest in a higher-functioning version of the program to detect various deductions for which you may qualify or find ways to limit capital-gains taxes.

Visit Microsoft Money's official website for more tips and advice on how to get the most out of the program (see Resources below).


  • check Before you purchase Microsoft Money, consider exploring the program through its 60-day trial. Give yourself a time to learn the basic features before you make a final commitment.
  • check Check with Microsoft Money's official website before you make a purchase. It frequently offers coupons and rebate incentives that are exclusively offered on the Internet.
  • check To use Microsoft Money's features, you'll need a reliable Internet connection. A high-speed Internet connection will make it much easier to use the program.


  • close Microsoft Money is not compatible with all computers and operating systems. Before you attempt to install and run Money, check the program's system requirements to make sure it will run on your machine.

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