How to Use a Mic in a PC DeSmuME Emulator

By Naomi Bolton

Connect a Microphone to a PC

The free Ninendo DS emulator DeSmuME enables you to play ROM files of your DS games on computer. The emulator supports features that are not possible using the Nintendo DS hardware such as recording game play videos and saving games at any time. The PC version of the emulator also supports the use of a microphone to emulate the internal microphone of the DS. To make use of this feature you need the latest version of the emulator as well as a microphone that is set up correctly. DeSmuME can also emulate the DS microphone using an internal noise sample or by generating random white noise.

Use the Latest Version of DeSmuME

Navigate to the official DeSmuME page (link in Resources) and download the latest version of the emulator. With each update new features and enhancements are added to the emulator, which increases compatibility with the emulated games. Ensure that you download the build that matches your operating system as there are 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the emulator available. Older versions of DeSmuME might not have support for the microphone, so it is important to use the latest version. You can subscribe to updates from the official download page so that you stay informed about future updates.

Connect and Configure Microphone

Connect and configure your microphone before starting the emulator. The microphone has to be detected and configured correctly as the primary input for your computer in order for the emulator to use it correctly. Select the "Set up a microphone" setting in Windows 8 to access the microphone setup wizard. Follow the wizard prompts to select whether you have a headset microphone, desktop microphone or built-in microphone. The wizard also guides you through the process of setting up the correct volume for the microphone.

Play Games that Support The Microphone Function

Not all Nintendo DS games make use of the microphone function, so ensure that the game you want to play supports microphone input. Check the game manual for the title that you want to play on DeSmuME to ensure that it supports the microphone feature. Click "File" from the DeSmuME Menu bar and select "Open ROM" to load your game. Ensure that the game is a DS title that ends in the DS or NDS extension and not a GBA ROM.


If you do not have a microphone connected to your computer you can use the DeSmuME emulator to simulate microphone input. Click "Config" from the DeSmuME Menu bar and select the "Microphone Settings" option. Click the radio button next to "Use Internal Noise Sample" or "Use rand() whitenoise" and then click "OK." Click "Config" and select "Hotkey Config" to map a button on your keyboard to the microphone function. When the game requires you to blow into the microphone, press the selected hotkey to simulate microphone input.